Saturday, April 21, 2012

diamine midnight

mysterious and blue, surprisingly like midnight

It's Saturday and I'm going to be cranking these ink reviews out! You may be wondering, "Cap, who murdered you and stole your identity and somehow became more useful?" You won't believe me but the answer is, "No one, but I wish it was Ryan Gosling."

Okay so I said I would blow through these reviews but I've been working on this review for what has been close to an hour. I literally have no focus right now. This isn't good.

Diamine Midnight is a lovely dark-blue ink. I still have about three-quarters of the (plastic) bottle because I can never find time to use it despite how nice it is. Most of this can be attributed to how it feathers and bleeds on normal (read: really bad) copy paper. This is definitely not the kind of ink you want to use where all you have on hand is the kind of paper that seems to populate most schools and workplaces. It dried very quickly on copy paper, but I attribute that to the fact that the paper soaked up ink the way a dishrag that has been used at a bar for four years straight doesn't.

The ink shades very well - it's just that you can't see it on the sheet on the left because the pen I was using wasn't inked, I was dipping it, and I wasn't dipping it very well. When you write with this ink there is a beautiful red sheen to it, especially when you hold it at an angle to a light. It's really quite lovely.

The ink is, like most Diamine inks, not very waterproof. I'd say something about when you should and shouldn't use this ink, but I'm pretty certain that you've heard all of my water scenarios and I will refrain from doing so.

You can buy an 80 ml. bottle of Diamine Midnight at JetPens for $12.50, or for $12.75 at the Goulet Pen Company.

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