Thursday, June 30, 2011

Noodler's Apache Sunset

Ooh, color swatches!
If there's one thing I like slightly less than the sun, it's the sunset. The sun ranks pretty high on my list of Things That Are Great, and it just so happens that Noodler's has an ink that covers the color of a sunset! Not just any sunset, mind you. An Apache sunset.

Apache Sunset is exactly what you think it would be: orange. But it's not only orange; it likes to be yellow and sometimes a color very similar to brown, too. I love the shading with this ink. It's great for writing, too; it's dark enough to be readable and light enough to stand out.

My test was done on Series 400 Strathmore drawing paper. This is a "medium weight" paper, but compared to what I've been using lately, it might as well be cardboard. At 80 lbs. (130 grams), it's much more than Clairefontaine paper (70 grams).

It's incredibly well-behaved, but you can really say that about practically any light-colored ink. No feathering, no bleeding, and very light see-through (once again, probably because it's so light). It's not waterproof; a quick soak eradicated the ink, so I wouldn't write my scientific theories in the rain with this.

You can purchase 3 oz. (approximately 90 ml.) bottles of Apache Sunset for $12.50 at The Goulet Pen Company.

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