Sunday, September 18, 2011


My birthday was on the 15th, and my dad (who is currently on a business trip) asked me what I wanted. I had had my eye on a few pens as of late - all of which are piston fillers - but I finally chose the TWSBI 540. My reasoning for this is that it's fifty dollars.

Wait, I need to let that sink in.

Fifty. Dollars.

For a piston filler.

At this time, I suspect any person who knows what a piston filler to be on the floor and crying with happiness.

As well, TWSBI as a company has a special little nook in my heart. I, as a Taiwanese person, like the fact that it's a Taiwanese company.

I wish I could tell you that this is a review for the TWSBI 540. But this is, in fact, more like a weeping soliloquy dedicated to the perfection of what I would like to call the most beautiful thing to ever happen to me.

Deepest apologies for the lack of pictures. Between my birthday and catching up on both Colbert and Stewart and reading one of the most intriguing and terrifying books I have ever touched (House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski; do not read if you have a weak heart, a normal heart, a strong heart, or any heart at all), I haven't had time to do anything. I will let you know that I've been wasting time on video games and this book. But we'll continue.

The TWSBI 540 is - as far as I know - the newest member in the TWSBI line. There is what I like to call a younger brother called the TWSBI 530, which has been taken off the market? I think? to be replaced with the TWSBI 540. I've heard that plans are being made for a vac filler, but as to when such a pen will be released is beyond my scope of knowledge.

So what is the TWSBI 540? The TWSBI 540 is a pen made of powdered dreams, delicately wrapped in a robe of rainbows and love. And filled with magic. Liquid magic. (Your mileage may vary.)

The only problem I have ever had with it is that I'm not very used to piston fillers, and today I managed to - in a Spanish-induced haze - twist the knob and spill what seemed to have been four drops of the mysteriously black hole-like ink known as Noodler's Black. Not only did I manage to get a smear on my thigh, but it also poured into the earbud I had hanging around my neck, and got all over my fingers. It was not a pleasant time. I am also out of my only pair of earbuds.

(I would complain more terribly, but much like the Sour Patch Kids, I smiled fondly at my pen and whispered an "oh, you" and forgave it. Silently. Because talking to yourself in a class of thirty people is weird.)

Oh, and also because my nib's an extra-fine, it's just a tad scratchy. I can't seem to hold it correctly. It makes this weird skcskrshkshcksjtr* sound and I have to rotate it a bit to get that right angle. It's not a problem with the pen; the finer you go in nib size, the smaller the contact point and the sadder you get.

Anyways. This review of pure joy has spanned... three days? A week? Much longer than it should have. And here you go. My unending praise for this pen will probably end never.


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