Saturday, October 15, 2011

Private Reserve Avacado


Hello! Here I am again! Hooray! This is my review of Private Reserve Ava-a-a-a-cado. Hrhrmrbrbhl

Private Reserve Avacado is one of those colors where you really, really want it to work, but then your DUMB DUMB PEN tells you that NO, I AM FINE. DO NOT PUT YOUR PRETTY COLORS IN ME.

Because of that, the colors of the scan on the left are dark. Reaaaal dark. Sorry about that.

Private Reserve Avacado is actually very good in the bleeding and feathering departments. I wouldn't use it on cheap copy paper, but for some reason it works very well on my cheap, day-today filler paper. No idea why. Don't ask me.

It shades, but how much it shades will definitely depend on your pen. With my medium-fine/fine Baoer 100, there was almost no shading.

The ink is not very waterproof. It is kind of waterproof. Under no circumstances should you bring this ink to a Sea Parks. Just don't do it.

It dries very quickly on copy paper. On more expensive paper, you'll have to wait a little while, and even then it might not dry very well. It tends to want to smear.

I think it's a great color, but I can't always get it to be the color I want it to be. It's very dark, almost black. I can use it in a lot of situations. That's pretty much it!

You can purchase bottles of Private Reserve Avacado at the Goulet Pen Company for $8.00 for 50 ml.

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