Sunday, October 30, 2011

Uni-ball Jetstream

A little while ago I made a purchase at JetPens: four Jetstreams and a Kokuyo Campus notebook. I'll be putting up a review of the notebook as soon as I get it back (it's my notebook for my biology notes, and I had to turn it in).

Note that there are only three Jetstreams...

So the Jetstream. Let's talk about the Jetstream. Let's talk about how well it looks. Let's talk about everything perfect in a ballpoint pen stuffed into a two-tone body of beauty.

That is the Jetstream.

Have you ever seen the things America passes off as good-looking or a good idea these days? I'm looking at you, tribal-themed Pilot Frixion. That thing is a travesty. It's like a twenty-year old's bad tattoo decision. (Apologies to all who have done such a thing.)

But this. Look at this. What does it look like? It most definitely does not look like the 80s threw up on a cylinder of pain. It looks minimalistic without being overtly minimalistic. If there was a coffee table book featuring only pictures of this pen, I wouldn't buy it, but I would nod knowing that that was a pretty good decision.

Bam! Logo.
The Jetstream is some sort of magic stick. It's pretty obvious. I don't know what kind of witchcraft or blood magic they had to do to get this pen to write so smoothly, but I'm all for it. The black writes the smoothest, followed by the red. The orange and blue, they're not quite as smooth. They switch places at the bottom of the totem pole ever so often.

I used to have a multi-pen that I used for the majority of my last school year, but I was basically crying near the end; it was really quite a horrendous pen. It skipped, it grated, it made my head and teeth hurt.

And now I have this. It's like rainbows and puppies and kittens and clouds raining down upon my smiling face.

Why don't you have it? Get it. Get it now.

The price of the Jetstream varies between the models, but the Color Ink Series are $2.50 per pen at JetPens.

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