Friday, March 16, 2012

very majestic but not to be confused with majestic purple

Part two of the What You Are Doing Things Now? ink reviews! Another big thanks to David for sending me these inks... last year? Yeah!

Imperial Purple is a really beautiful purple color. It makes me feel all perfect and whatever (not that I'm not already perfect). The scan above is  definitely much more accurate than the one you see over to your left. The pen I used writes pretty drily, unfortunately.

This is going to be pretty short. Diamine Imperial Purple is a pretty well-behaved ink! It feathers and bleeds a little on cheap copy paper but not on better quality paper. It dries pretty quickly, ten seconds on copy paper and twenty or so on the Strathmore paper. It's a little waterproof but not too much. Don't get too excited, everybody! It wouldn't do to get your tears all over your beautiful short story.

You can purchase bottles of Diamine Imperial Purple at The Goulet Pen Company for $12.75 per 80 ml. bottle, or at JetPens for $12.50 per 80 ml. bottle.

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