Sunday, March 11, 2012

Diamine Red Dragon

the worst

WOAUAHAOAH it's me, hi. I scanned in the eight or so ink reviews I have and right now it's all just color correcting them (which I hate, how do you do it Brian Goulet?) and posting them. There are a couple of things I want to review in the near future and I will! Eventually!

this is not accurate and i am so sorry
 So here's the big deal about this color: it's really, really difficult to get an accurate color done. So the scan on the left? Pretend it's not there. Pretend it's a figment of your imagination. Honestly. Please. And here's the second part: I wrote it with my Hero 329, a pen I had to put to rest as a fountain pen and now serves its days as a dip pen. Remember this part. The next two reviews are done with the same pen.

The facts are these: I won Diamine Red Dragon and two other inks from David in a contest a long time ago. Thank you, David! If you've never checked out his blog before (and why you have been on my blog and not his astounds me) I would really suggest you do so. There's math! Calligraphy! Really good poetry! It's like a win-win for everyone.

So here we go with actual review stuff. Diamine Red Dragon is a really pretty color that I can't find a use for all the time. It is a crimsony red that would probably do well for a blood stand-in or something similar. It feathers on cheap paper, but luckily not too much. It has all the characteristics of a category I like to call "Elite Inks" - the kind of ink you pull out your Crown Mill or Rhodia or Clairefontaine for. Diamine always has very high quality ink for very high quality people and stationery. Don't waste it. Or do! Your life is open to your own interpretation.

It dried very quickly on the cheap copy paper, which wasn't that surprising. On the Strathmore paper, it took 10-15 seconds to dry. Not too bad! Like other Diamine inks, Red Dragon is not very waterproof. Do not take it on your epic journey through the Seven Kingdoms (guess who is so ready for Game of Thrones to come back?).

You can purchase bottles of Diamine Red Dragon at the Goulet Pen Company for $12.75 per 80 ml. bottle, or at JetPens for $12.50 per 80 ml. bottle.

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