Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kokuyo Campus Notebook


Okay, super really sorry about going missing every couple of weeks. [insert excuse here, really it's just procrastination and homework]

In biology class, I need to take all my notes in the Cornell Note format. I had, at first, printed out the format on sheets of paper, but I got tired of doing this, mostly because my printer paper is two-ply toilet paper packaged as Something to Write On. Corporate lies, I say.

So with my trusty debit card in hand, I wandered on over to JetPens and bought myself this notebook (and a billion other things simply because I can't stop myself, how dare they give me free shipping at $25, what do they want, for me to go broke), because it has a nice paper format that I could easily convert into the Cornell format. Hooray, Japanese products!

Anyways, on the left over there you can see a sample of my atrocious handwriting and the notes I take. The paper is pretty thick. I'd say it's about 80 or 90 grams. It handles all kinds of ink pretty well, but it does take quite a while to dry, so just keep that in mind. I learned this the hard way, because I'm left-handed and BLUERP BLAKRN I forget that ink doesn't dry in half a second like it does on dumb, dumb printer paper.

You're supposed to use this in the Kokuyo Systemic Cover, but I feel like it is useless because I don't need a cover for a single notebook, and also the colors are dumb.

The Curves of Fate, 2011
As well, the notebook doesn't always open flat. The way it's bound is pretty strange. You'll have two facing pages in which the left page does not open flat, and then you turn the page and it's fine. It does, however, lie flat. If you don't understand a single word of what I've just said, that's okay. I don't understand myself. Here's a picture of the not-open flat business. The alternating open-flat-not-open-flat business doesn't bother me enough to consider throwing this notebook into the Desk Drawer of Immediate Death, but some people really dislike it. It's all up to you! It's like an adventure.

Would I recommend this notebook? I don't know. Do you want this notebook? Stop asking me questions that I can't answer!

You can purchase the Kokuyo Campus Notebook for $13.50 at JetPens.

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