Sunday, August 28, 2011

Diamine Marine

Phew! Sorry for such a late review. Doctor Who came back yesterday and I was too busy freaking out over how ridiculous Moffat is. (Astronauts! Regeneration! Tingling sensations!)

Here we have Diamine Marine. It's a nice, happy color. I like happy colors. It's a great blue, like turquoise and teal mixed together.

Diamine inks tend to want to feather and bleed on cheap papers, like copy paper. On this 130 gram paper (slight overkill), though, it doesn't do either.

I left the waterproof portion blank by accident, but as far as I can remember (I did the handwritten part of this review about two weeks ago) it is somewhat waterproof.

Shading! Diamine Marine shades. It shades very well, I may add. You can't really see it in the scan, but take my word for it. It's lovely shading.

Dry times are incredibly fast on copy paper, thanks to its absorbing tendencies. Five seconds gets you bleedthrough and feathering. On higher quality paper, you'll want to wait at least fifteen seconds before you go wiping your grubby hands all over it.

Diamine Marine is a great ink! I really love the color. It's a happy blue without being too bright, so I can use it to write.

You can purchase bottles of Diamine Marine at the Goulet Pen Comapny for $12.50 per 80 ml. bottle.

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