Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sailor Jentle Grenade

Phew! I've returned from Los Angeles and Santa Monica. It was only a two-day trip to check out apartments for my brother, but I feel like I deserved it.

Sailor Jentle is a line of really nice inks. If you do purchase an entire bottle, make sure you get the bottles with the plastic cones on the inside; if not, you'll have a lot of trouble getting ink as you use more. If your bottle doesn't come with the cone, try grabbing some ink sample vials. You'll be glad you did!

Grenade is an incredibly pretty purple-pink, like a magenta. Just by looking at the thumbnail, you can tell that it shades wonderfully. At an angle, it actually has a lime-green sheen to it.

This ink is smooth. It's not extraordinarily wet, but it's not bone dry, either. It's got a nice in-between, so you shouldn't worry too much about the pens you put it in!

It's a well-behaved ink. It tends to try to bleed through cheap copy paper, but if you don't layer it on, you should be fine. The waterproof powers aren't a lot to speak of; they're just okay.

Dry times are alright, about ten seconds to dry to the touch on regular copy paper. It doesn't tend to smear too much, unlike other inks.

I really do like this ink. I'm not a big fan of colors like this (I like muted colors better), but I would definitely purchase an entire bottle.

You can purchase 50 ml. bottles of Grenade at The Goulet Pen Company for $12.50.

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