Sunday, July 31, 2011

Private Reserve Black Cherry

She's my cherry pie, etc.

Private Reserve makes ink. This is a stunning observation. If you can't find a color that you like from Noodler's, you can probably find it from Private Reserve. It's around the same price but their bottles are actually more clunky than Noodler's bottles. I know. It's amazing.

Black Cherry is a dark color. It's kind of a maroon color. It can almost be called a purple-black, to tell the truth. It shades a little, but not enough to call it a shading ink. It may be because I use it in a fine nib; perhaps your experience will be different.

For being so saturated (something almost like a property in Private Reserve inks), it's incredibly smooth, even in my extra-fine Lanbitou 329. Unfortunately, it does feather, but only on cheap copy paper. So long as you use better quality paper, you should be fine. There's slight see-through on regular copy paper. It's waterproof, though! That's good, right? Right.

Dry time is alright; about ten seconds for it to dry on copy paper. When in doubt, blot.

Saturated inks tend to like to stick in your pen. Make sure that, when you flush your pen, you keep flushing even when you think your pen is clean! This ink might cling to your pen and you wouldn't want it contaminating a light-colored ink.

You can purchase 50 ml. bottles of Black Cherry at The Goulet Pen Company for $8.00.

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