Thursday, July 21, 2011


Noodler's. Oh, Noodler's. Your cheapness depends on the stubbornness of one man. You haven't let me down yet. I mean, I've only tried two colors. But. Haven't let me down yet.

I'll make this one short and sweet. It's black. Not like shadows at night in the middle of space black, but it's pretty dark. Dark enough for my purposes, anyway.

This ink is so well-behaved, it makes me wish any future children would be it. It has only feathered once in my entire time using it, and that was on some... stuff... that was either a tissue or toilet paper. During the second half of freshman year, this was all I used for pretty much everything.

It doesn't feather. It doesn't bleed. It's waterproof, bleachproof, shoot-it-into-space-proof. It takes a little bit to dry, which I think a lot of people have talked about before. I think it's because it turns concentrated as the liquid in the bottle evaporates. You could probably add some distilled water until it regains the consistency you like.

I love this ink, okay? It works perfectly all the time. I have never doubted the ink. Ever.

You can purchase 90 ml. bottles of Black or 135 ml. bottles for $12.50 or $18.00, respectively, at The Goulet Pen Company.

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