Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Online Lilac

I bought three Online inks from a little stationery store in Taipei. I can't remember how much I paid for the three inks, exactly. I'll tell you that it was on the high side, though. Definitely more expensive than J. Herbin.

 I don't really like purples. This may be because of a rather unfortunate incident with Diamine Imperial Purple. I'll just let you know that the ink is pretty difficult to clean completely out of a pen and I may or may not have contaminated a completely different ink.

I put this into a Pilot Varsity. I converted two but only one works. The second one I trashed because I bent the nib. It was a very sad experience, especially because I put Diamine Indigo in it before I realized the nib was bent and I wasted a few precious drops.

The ink that came with it (which I suspect is just Pilot Black?) liked to bleed through cheaper papers - or, pretty much all the paper I use. I didn't even consider saving it.

The medium nib is great. It's a lot more like a medium-fine. I really like how it writes!

The color is nice and quite bright. There's very little see-through, and bleedthrough is practically nonexistent. It shades nicely. If you look at the 'j' in 'jumped,' you'll see what I mean by shading.

It's not waterproof, unfortunately. It washes off as easily as oil on a sheet of plastic (does that... wash off easily? This may have been a bad analogy).

Dry time is very fast. Left-handed people (like me!) don't need to worry about smudging.

Unfortunately, because this ink is expensive, I probably won't purchase it again. But It's a nice color. If you do like it, I'm sure you could find a color very similar, or mix one yourself.

You can purchase 15 ml. bottles of Lilac at The Goulet Pen Company for $6.00.

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