Monday, July 25, 2011

Diamine Sherwood Green

Diamine carries great ink. I love Diamine. The only problem is, of course, that Diamine kind of likes to bleed on cheap paper. The problem with this is that I practically only use cheap paper. This is somewhat disconcerting.

I had three Diamine inks before this; all of them were an incredible giveaway prize from David! (Thank you, David.) They are all lovely inks and I love to use them.

This ink shares a name with Private Reserve's Sherwood Green. This may be a little confusing. I know it was for me.

This ink is well behaved on all papers. It does like to feather, and it does like to bleed, but if you're careful (as with all fountain pen inks) you shouldn't have much problems.

It's slightly waterproof. If you dump it in water and let it soak, you can still see it. 

It shades! It shades wonderfully! There's also a red sheen to it that you can see in a lot of Diamine's inks.

It does take a little while to dry. Fifteen seconds! Woo, dolly. IT also likes to smudge after drying. There's a couple of spaces in my notebook where it decided to smudge. And it's unfortunate.

I still use it, though! I like this ink. A lot.

You can purchase 80 ml. bottles of Sherwood Green for $12.50 at The Goulet Pen Company.

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