Monday, July 25, 2011

J. Herbin Vert Pre

Ooh, bright.

A little while ago, I ordered two inks and a couple pens from JetPens. One of those inks was J. Herbin Vert Pre.

Vert Pre is bright. Like, almost unusable bright. I like to use it to highlight and box things, and it's actually really fun to use for doodling. Okay, fine, I use everything to doodle.

Like Vert Empire, this ink is really well behaved. Then again, since it is so light, I'd be surprised if it showed through. No bleedthrough, no see-through. No waterpoofing. That's what you get, I guess.

I know I wrote that it only has some shading, but if you use it right, you can really get a lot more shading. I actually really like it when it shades! It looks very lovely.

Unfortunately, the ink is a little dry. When I use my Pilot Petit1 with it, it has a kind of rougher feel to it. It's not scratchy, it just feels rough. Vert Empire is in a Pilot Petit1, too, and it's incredibly smooth.

You can purchase 30 ml. bottles of Vert Pre at JetPens for $9.00.

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