Monday, July 18, 2011

J. Herbin Vert Empire

This ink scan bothers me so much.

A little while ago, I ordered two inks and a couple pens from JetPens. One of those inks was J. Herbin Vert Empire. If you look at the color swab on the website, you'll notice it doesn't look the same at all.

The test was done on my favorite paper: Series 400 Strathmore drawing paper. It's a light cream-colored paper, a nice warm tone without being too creamy.

The color is really hard to scan correctly. As per usual, the color you see on your screen will likely be different from what I see, and that different from what is actually on the paper. It's a gray-green, a kind of army green, I suppose. It's understated but stands out, too.

This ink is well-behaved. I only own two J. Herbin inks (Vert Pre and Vert Empire), so I can't say much about the other J. Herbin inks. It doesn't feather or bleed. There's nice shading. It's not waterproof, unfortunately.

The ink dries very quickly on 20 lb. (70 gram) printer paper. This is very useful for me! Because I'm left-handed. Spawn of the devil business.

I would buy this ink again in a heartbeat. I love green colors, and this color is one of those that I want to use all the time!

You can purchase 30 ml. bottles of Vert Empire at JetPens for $9.00.

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